Transformational Leadership

Many of the problems large companies face today are stuck or anchored in the unconscious of their work teams, caused by psycho-emotional dynamics that prevent them from breaking patterns and solving problems creatively.

Vortex Growth specializes in removing these problems with practical exercises that allow you to learn and enjoy the process, aimed at permanent change in a quick and simple manner.

Most other coaching programs remain at the intellectual level of the individual, without working on the unconscious issues from the root up. Our leadership program is the only one that incorporates psychotherapy, through modern hypnosis, combining it with team leadership.

The Vortex Growth methodology works with the unconscious mind and leads the results into the business world in an applied way to grow sales and profits of companies by creating capabilities and skills within the team, including the Board and high-level Directors.

Our deep knowledge of human psychodynamics applied to the value generation and leadership development guarantees a maximum return on each investment, achieving sustainable individual, team and organizational improvement.

The unconscious creates new alternatives

What do we do?

Our proven methodology guarantees a clear mind that helps your team create value at every level, whether through enhancing their skills, creating new ones, growing in leadership, or developing skills in sales, public relations, strategy, and new product development.

We accelerate key executives’ value creation turnout, align corporate and individual values to generate better synergies, thus also increasing the company’s performance and profitability.
We eliminate blind spots in leadership and create significant goals.
We link evaluation, development, and training based on personal and corporate objectives.
We increase value for shareholders and business owners. We also manage to keep star talent within the company.

How do we do it?

We use multiple methodologies to inspire individual and collective learning through weekly trainings.
Weekly individual sessions for each team member.

Crosscutting themes

Assertive Communication
Sales and Innovation
Stress and Burnout Management
Emotional Intelligence
Team Acceleration
Management Skills


Emotional Intelligence

Our methodology allows team members to develop the appropriate emotional skills and mindset to deal with increasingly complex problems and ensure downward reproducibility so that each member of the organizational structure can grow.

Understanding how the intellectual level works is not enough, we need to transform it, starting with the deep and unconscious origin of the behavior’s source.

Teams Acceleration

The internal world of your team members has brakes and accelerators; once the individual becomes aware of them, the acceleration of change is inevitable. This change begins with the company leaders and permeates the entire organization.

Most of these brakes and accelerators are emotional and unconscious beliefs built up during childhood, which, with the right update, allow today’s adults to go as far as they want to go and choose how they want to feel along the way.

Management Skills

Board members and Directors, being almost always the only ones responsible for sales, juggle expectations, priorities, and personalities that compete with each other. This level of stress promotes individualization, often leaving behind the sense of team effort/ belonging. Today’s challenges require much more collaboration between these key players.

On the other hand, reproducibility is very important; we help Managers create teams in which the organizational culture and the creative skills of the leaders are relayed for a solid and suitable succession for the future, which points to the best leaders and ensures the company’s long-term performance.

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